Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Weight Loss Wednesday #bloggerswlw

I have completely fallen off the diet and fitness wagon.  So I thought I would share some quotes I found to help inspire myself and any of you that need a bit of a pick me up.
I really liked this one when I saw it as this can be for anything in anyone's life.  Whether the changes you make are to do with health, giving up a habit or even just trying to be a better person, not many things happen overnight.  I've always thought it's about the small things in life, the things that most of the time we overlook and take for granted.  Whatever goals or achievements you are aiming for, you should not ignore the small things as they really do make all the difference.
This one is focused more towards those of you like me that would prefer an extra half an hour in bed in the mornings rather than going for a run or just generally too busy for gyms.  Hopefully, there is at least one point that will help motivate us to bust a move from now on.

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