Sunday, 10 March 2013

February Favourites

I didn't wear a lot of makeup towards the end of the month so these are manly items that I was really enjoying before I got ill.  
No7 Essential Moisture Cream - I've had this for a while and seem to dabble in and out of it mainly because I wasn't a fan of its thick consistency. Since putting this in my Project 10 Pan I have learnt the importance about using the right products for my skin type. Having dry skin means I have had to get used to using a thicker formula than before and so now I really like this and can see a difference in my skin.

Models Own Northern Lights - Part of the Wonderland collection that was released in September I tried for ages to get hold of this but was sold out. I am not normally a fan of glitter nail polishes as they can take so long to get off. I made an exception for this shade as I really like it and looks really nice. You can see a NOTD using Northern Lights here.

HD Brow Kit - I received this back in the Summer via a Glossybox subscription. For me, this is one of those products that you don't realise how good it is until you use something else. I went back to my ELF brow kit and it did nothing for me. I prefer using powder over wax or pencils nowadays, it looks the most natural. This kit is lovely, mine is in shade Foxy, and all 4 matte shades can also be used as eyeshadows. I use the lighter brown shade for everyday and the darker shade for nights out because it balances out the fact I would be wearing more makeup than on an everyday basis. 

Maybelline Eyeshadow - I don't even remember buying this but I found it when I was rooting around for items to include in my Project 10 Pan, which seems to be taking over my life according to this post. Anyway, I really like this and I'm not saying it is a complete dupe but it does remind me a little of Sin by Urban Decay. It has more of a purple undertone and it sheerer but it is easier when travelling to take one single shadow than a full palette.

Sleek Blush by 3 Lace - I love this little palette of blushes, really good quality and lovely vibrant shades. I know Sleek love a bold colour but I really hope they bring out a more natural palette for everyday use. The red can be a bit scary at 9 o'clock Monday morning.

L'Oreal Caress Lipsticks - I love these and are probably my favourite lipsticks for a sheer moisturised look to my lips. I love the packaging, the shade range and how lovely they feel on the lips. I have a few of these now so I am planning on doing a collection/review on these as they are perfect for the warmer months when you don't want anything too heavy.

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