Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Better than Chanel for £3.99?

The perfume Mademoiselle by Chanel has been very popular and at £62 for a 50ml bottle, it seems it's not cheap to smell good. Or is it? International supermarket chain Lidl decided to rival the French brand by selling their own Suddenly Madame Glamour for only £3.99 per 50ml bottle.

Now everybody loves a dupe but does it really match up to the quality of Chanel? A blind test was carried out and the result showed that an amazing 91% not only liked the Lidl's version but actually preferred it to their £62 rival.

I, like other people, would ordinarily prefer to say I wore a branded perfume rather than one off of a supermarket shelf, however, the love of a good bargain is too much for me. I would now actually yell about how I get the same, if not better, for 15 times less than I would at a chanel counter.

  • Packaging is beautiful and I prefer the colour of the perfume
  • Longer lasting and stronger scent
  • Brand name
  • £3.99 (Can buy 15 bottles to one of Chanel's and still have some change left over)
  • Softer scent but 91% of people preferred it
  • Easy to find - Supermarket
Ding Ding, round one to Lidl I think. but which one would you buy?
But sshh remember, it's a secret!

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