Tuesday, 31 January 2012

MeMeMe... Yes Yes Yes!

As this is a new blog I thought I’d start by sharing a brand that is new to me that I recently stumbled upon.  Mememe cosmetics, yes it did seem familiar but I couldn’t picture any of their products or anything about them so I decided to have a nose around their website.
I was so SHOCKED!  How had I never seen this before?  My first impression was ‘this reminds me of benefit’ by the overall style of everything and as I started looking through products I couldn’t believe it, not did it only have the classiness and packaging like benefit... but it was a fraction of the price!

These are the lovelies that I purchased
I had to double check if this was an online brand or if you could get it in high street shops and that’s when I realised I had seen their products before but mememe must have had a recent makeover because nothing caught my eye as I looked on Superdrug’s site nothing looked the same as it did on the official mememe site... I presume it’s only the packaging they’ve changed not the actual products but I would order from the official website just to be on the safe side.

Anyway back to the review...
I thought I’d start small so only ordered 3 pieces, and the coral blush me! automatically become my everyday blush.. I love it!  The colour pigmentation is lovely and yes I know I keep saying it but to me it is a mixture of benefit’s CORAlista and sugarbomb blushers but cheaper!

The highlight beat the blues in Sunbeam I got as it looks like an exact dupe for yet again another benefit product high beam, and if applied correctly is amazing BUT I find that most of the time it just smudges my makeup and doesn’t leave a nice highlighted finish as I expected.

The long wear satin lip cream in china rose, a nice nude shade, firstly the colour was not what I expected it to look like, however I do like the colour and have the same in an ELF lipstick so it was a bit annoying that I already had it but at least I like it. This is not the most nourishing lipstick in the world but the colour does stay on your lips so I just apply some carmex before and viola your lips but better!

Mememe have recently started a monthly catalogue that offers good deals and discounts, so if you are a fan then remember to sign up!


  1. Great and honest review..i had heard of the brand too but pictured nothing..i know now tho, thanks

    1. Thank you, yeah love finding hidden treasures :)


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